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Your kitchen plays host to a wide variety of everyday tasks. That is why it needs to be attractive and amenable to all the functions that play out within its walls. You could be eating, cooking, cleaning or hosting guests. A well-designed kitchen should be able to justify the devotion you treat the space with. Whether it is installing a new kitchen or the refurbishment of an existing one, going over the following tips will ensure that you maximize the benefits and functionality of your kitchen, having it serve all your needs.

1. Eliminate Redundant Movement

A kitchen should be designed in a way that best interprets your needs and makes sure to support your instincts and movements. That is why, for instance, the space for breakfast foods and bowls should be as near as possible to the breakfast table. Plastic containers and wraps should be stored in a neat place close to where you habitually wrap your leftovers. Dishes should be kept in a closet or a rack near the dishwasher.

2. Ascertain the Ideal Height for the Microwave

Since you want your kitchen to be chef- and kid-friendly, you must pay attention to the way you position the most intensely used appliance in your kitchen, the microwave. If you want play amenable to adults, a microwave height of a foot or so above the counter-top level is desirable. If you want kids to be able to access the kitchen habitually, position your microwave to a below countertop setup.

3. Make Way for Traffic through the Kitchen

Receiving the flow of visitors is one of the key aspects of a kitchen that you need to plan for. Since the safety of children is paramount, it is advisable to design the cooking stove in a way that puts it out of the reach of children. That way they will never trigger accidents or spills by, say, latching onto a handle or brushing against a hot surface. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is positioned to provide adequate access to both passersby and servants and chefs in the kitchen.

4. Carefully plan the corners

The importance of paying attention to the corners of your kitchen cannot be overstated. Your corner plan should dictate where you place your cabinets and appliances. To allow cabinet doors and those belonging to appliances to open fully and shut at ease, you need to provide space for the swinging arc and clearance of all doors in your kitchen. Also make sure that doors don’t run into each other in a log jam if open simultaneously.

So the next time you need experienced and reliable kitchen building contractors in Kent or the Tunbridge Wells area, approach us at Global Building Services Ltd. for a no-obligation quote and a consultation. This way you give yourself the best chance of finding a solution that fits your needs, both in terms of precision and artistry.