How Can New Kitchen Installation Improve Your Property Value?

kitchen installation

The kitchen and bathroom are two imperative parts of every house. Old, shabby and inefficient kitchen and bathroom will be considered as a drawback of your property. On the other hand, the new and improved kitchen can increase the value of your house in the market. Hence, the importance of kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells cannot be ignored.

When you meet the experts of house renovation and kitchen remodelling, you can understand how a little transformation can have a big impact on the entire house’s appearance.

4 Ways Kitchen Installation Can Increase Property Value

• Get a Fresh Look

The kitchen is one of those areas of your house that withstand a lot of wear and tear. Grime, stains, grease and dirt are most common in kitchens. These elements have a severe impact on floor tiles, kitchen tops, cabinets and other areas. Hence, you should consider changing them to get a fresh new look for your kitchen. This new look will increase the aesthetical value of your home.

• Obtain Better Storage

Experts of kitchen remodelling and installation always improve the storage system of the existing kitchen. They design and install more practical and organised kitchen cabinets for better storage. This would make your kitchen routine easy and hassle-free. A smart kitchen with modern cabinets can easily increase the value of your home.

• Enjoy a Bespoke Style

From installing the kitchen island to the kitchen lights – everywhere you can have bespoke styles because of new kitchen installation. The experts will follow your requirements and desires while styling and designing a new kitchen. They offer you a bespoke style that will match your needs and lifestyle.

• Practical Use of Space

Not every family have a similar kitchen and cooking routine. It depends upon their lifestyle. Hence, space management while designing a kitchen should depend on this. Modern kitchen installation experts understand the practical use of space. If you do not need a kitchen island, they would not go for it and save that space to give you enough space for walking and standing in your kitchen.

If you want to sell your home, you should consider remodelling your old kitchen and give it a brand new look. This would definitely increase the value of your house. Your potential buyers would love to get a kitchen with smart lighting, modern cabinets and excellent flooring solutions.

Global Building Tonbridge can help you in this matter. We have vast experience in offering all kinds of home improvement and general building services. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Why You Should Invest in House Renovations: Time to Think about a Stylish Makeover

Home renovation

We all love our homes and feel deeply connected to them. Our house indeed reflects our lifestyle and personality to some extent. On the other hand, sometimes living in the same house for several years can be boring. We all need some changes in the style and design of the house we live in.

Different people wish to get house renovations in Sevenoaks for different purposes. If you wish to know when and why you should consider home renovation, this blog will help you understand.

When to Go for House Renovation?

You Need Extra Space

With the growing number of family members, your house seems smaller than your current requirements. If it is your problem, a well-planned and perfectly executed house renovation will help you in many ways. You can consider having a loft conversion, basement conversion, house extensions or changing your home from one storey to a double-storied building to fulfil the requirement of extra space. Renovating the basement or loft sometimes fulfil the need for space in a stylish and smart way.

You Plan to Sell the House

If you are planning to sell your property, you can always consider a house renovation before that. Renovating the bathroom or the kitchen of your home will add more value to your property and help you obtain a higher price in the property market of Sevenoaks. When you can make a great renovation in your house to give it a fresh look and feel, you can easily make your potential buyers happy.

You Need to See Something Fresh

Living in the same old house for several years can make you feel bored. You feel tired of seeing that same old kitchen, living room, bathroom and balcony. A little transformation can make things much better for your mental health too. If you want to get a fresh look at your property, house renovation can be one of the most suitable alternatives.

This is even a cost-effective option for homeowners who have a limited budget. There are builders and contractors who can deliver excellent renovation services at affordable prices. You need to share your requirements with them to get a free quote.

At Global Building Tonbridge, we offer a wide range of building and construction services. Our house renovations in Sevenoaks can change the look and feel of your home. Please get in touch with us for more information.

3 Tips for Successful House Renovation Process

Home renovation

A well-planned home renovation increases the financial value of the property. However, in most cases, homeowners end up overspending without getting any effective outcome. Thus, hiring professional renovators is the best solution.

The best way to renovate a house includes renovating the kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. These are the places which are mostly used. Hence, renovating them will lend a new look to the house. However, the whole process of renovation is hectic and messy. When it’s over, you’ll find the whole house upside down. To avoid the same, here’s a list of few tips that will make your renovation successful even with many hassles.

Plan before renovating

Planning is the key to success in every area of life. You can’t start with the renovation process one fine morning. Rather you need to plan out in detail and note all facts that you want to cover in the renovation process. This will help you understand the changes you want, and you can also make the builders understand the same. Moreover, fixing the budget is also a requirement. Home renovations should not cost you a fortune. Hence planning can fix the same.

home extension box

Keep the interiors clean

Renovation is a messy affair. You’ll find people going in and out of the house for the whole day and night. Set some rules for them. Remember that is your home. Hence, it would help if you kept it clean. The renovators will not think twice before making a mess of the whole place. Rather it would help if you had set separate rules for using the washroom and also stop acts like smoking within the premises.

Hire a reputed contractor

You must hire a reputed and renowned contractor if you want the best outcome for the job. They will renovate your house in the best possible manner. Moreover, the right contractor will give you suggestions about the dos and don’ts of renovation. You can also share the budget and the designs in your mind, and they will plan accordingly.

With these tips, you can ensure a quick and hassle-free renovation process. Global Building Services Ltd is a reputed and experienced building contractor in Kent. Our team can efficiently design bricklaying, garage conversions and house extensions within your budget. With 20 years of experience in this field, we assure a complete mess-free renovation project.

Hire our builders and get your house renovated soon.

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Styles and Designs to Incorporate During Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation

If you decide that your bathroom needs a revamp, there are different styles and designs to implement. The right choice of bathroom designing will enhance its aesthetic appeal besides boosting the property value. Re-modeling also implies making adjustments to suit your style preference and lifestyle pattern. You can add fixtures and finishes to get a refreshing style. You can take guidance from the professionals for Bathroom Installation.

Different Varieties of Bathroom Styles

1. Contemporary bathroom

Contemporary styled bathroom hallmarks consist of clean lines and clutter-free expanses, open space with minimalism in adornment. You can choose to incorporate hardwood, polished finishes, metal accents, soothing, and a simple colour palette to accentuate this decor. The experts suggest incorporating light and dark elements that work as visual contrasts. Simplicity is at the heart of contemporary styling. You can also install brushed muted countertops and wood floorings for enhanced effect.

2. Modern bathroom styles

They are bold, luxurious and comes with enhanced functionality. Besides incorporating clean and straight lines with no clutter, the highlighting feature of a modern bathroom is exhibited through countertops, sinks and bathroom accessories. The experts suggest using high standard materials like marble, porcelain, teak and stone for added modernism. Focus on bathroom accessories to make the space useable.

3. Traditional bathroom

These designs of bathroom emphasise comfort, practicality, effectiveness and functionality. The experts will implement classic colour palettes for the design setting. Contemporary colours with polished wood, glass tiles will form an integral part of the bathroom. You can also opt for neutral tones to emanate a relaxing and inviting feel, along with a sense of warmth.

4. Beach style

For this designer bathroom variety, you can take cues from the ocean and its aquatic beauty. The experts will incorporate cool blue shades and tones of aqua for a calming effect. You can add decorative ornamentations and adornment like seashells, ocean-themed art, jute fabric with a mix of vibrant contemporary colours. Include crisp accents of white for a fresh burst of vitality and rejuvenation. You can also implement subdued hues of green and blue in a beautiful concoction.

5. Farmhouse bathroom style

This is another popular bathroom design with exclusive high demand in the market. It combines a mixture of part country and part rustic. Ask the bathroom installation experts to add a dash of a modern element filled with unique details. Sliding barn doors are an excellent option to go with the theme. Opt for high ceilings, open beams, polished wood for the interior, white glass and other contrasting details to boost style.

Consult Global Building Services Ltd for professional bathroom renovation services with a personalised finish.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Make it More Accessible

Bathroom Installation

Every homeowner who plans to re-design their bathroom space should reconsider the ideas to fit their needs appropriately. Upgrading the bathroom is not only limited to changing the tiles or shower. There are many other productivity ways to make the room suit your requirements perfectly. Besides, to make it more accessible, you should consult professionals for bathroom installation.

Bathroom Remodelling Tips and Techniques

1. Ample dimensions and fixtures

While planning, carefully consider the dimensions of the bathroom space. Focus on careful placement of the toilet fixtures so that you do not bang on them while using the room. The tub, shower, and toilet positioning should also be well maintained so that people do not find it inconvenient to use. You can hire renovators to make the bathroom spacious and easily usable by all.

2. The shower

Shower areas are also integral to bathroom renovations, mainly because they demand high maintenance. Any ideal shower should have one accommodating shower without consuming more space. Stand-in showers under glass enclosures are a popular choice amongst many. They are also highly functional. Create separate enclosures for the shower and toilet, installed with a shower curtain for an elegant appearance. It also prevents water accumulation, minimising the chances of slipping.

3. Table top basin

Installing a tabletop basin is one of the best methods of maximising space utilisation inside the bathroom. It makes the room appear bigger and renovated. You can make additions to the basin like storage space, drawers, and cupboards to store away soaps, toiletries, and more. Moreover, tabletop basins also have greater flexibility, and you can install them as per your reach. This way, the bathroom also becomes more accessible.

4. Lightings

The right choice of lightings will help enhance the functionality of the bathroom space along with its aesthetics. If your bathroom lacks natural lighting, you should ask the professionals to provide for ample lightings as part of the renovation work. There are different designs and varieties of lights available in the market today. You can select the right one as per your preference and design suitability.

5. Coordinated interior

Nowadays the professionals stress on the importance of matching bathroom accessories with interior decor. With a coordinated bathroom at place, you can synchronise it effectively. You can conceptualise your own bathroom without compromising on grandeur, elegance and opulence.

Hence, seeking help from the professional contractors like Global Building Services Ltd for a bathroom design upgrade is a wise decision.

The Ultimate Guide for Kitchen Remodelling and Installation

kitchen installation

Kicking off the kitchen remodelling project can seem like a daunting task. If you find the space old, out of trend and cramped up, you can hire a reputed contractor for kitchen installation who can execute the process with expertise and ease. From updating kitchen countertops and cabinets to other bespoke installations and additions, you can follow this essential guide to go about the process effortlessly.

Guide to Follow During Kitchen Remodelling And Bespoke Designing

1. Understanding your requirements from the kitchen

You should start by creating a to-do list and prepare a setlist of all the vital questions like the following –
• What kind of renovation work do you prefer?
• What type of storage adjustments and features do you prefer?
• Are you looking for any aspirational and aesthetic designing features?
Remember, it is crucial to think beyond the kitchen appearance and make progressions in other aspects too.

2. Finding kitchen inspiration

You can take suggestions and recommendations from professional kitchen building contractors and specialists for assured functional, practical and aesthetic ideas. They can advise you about the process of kitchen renovation, showcase their kitchen collection work and features so that you reap the maximum benefit.

Most importantly, you have to prepare yourself by taking logical and manageable steps so that you can transform your dream kitchen vision into a reality. You should also figure out your goals for kitchen remodelling.

• Meeting the lifestyle needs of the family
• Maximising space and storage dimensions
• Remodelling within fixed time and budget

3. Setting a budget

Before starting the project by hiring kitchen building contractors, you should have a specific budget set in mind. This way, you can keep track of the whole process and assess the incurring of additional costs. During such renovation projects, you should also be aware of the hidden costs. Besides the cost of labour and material, you have to pay up for other expenses.

4. Focus on Quality

Always purchase premium quality products and raw material for your kitchen renovation work. Ensure if the items are functional for your own usage, also adding to the resale value. Consider purchasing the products in retail. Ask the contractors to re-modify and re-paint the older cabinets and use them accordingly. You can also propose using reused building material if suitable.

5. Planning the layout

More than any other room of the house, the kitchen should be planned practically and functionally. Hence, you should identify your priorities and criteria before beginning work. The proper arrangement of the sink, refrigerators, storage cabinets is necessary for the user’s convenience. The walkway should also be spacious for ease of movement without banging on the counters.

Consult Global Building Services Ltd for premium and high-quality kitchen building and renovation work. The expert contractors are committed to offering the highest standard of services and solutions, catering to every specific client requirement with utmost professionalism. You can also avail of personalised and customised services to enhance your kitchen aesthetics.

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Reasons To Invest in the Kitchen Renovation Project

Global Building Services Ltd

The heart and soul of every family lie in the kitchen. It is an integral space of every household, so instead of living in an old-fashioned kitchen, you can opt for thorough kitchen renovation or remodelling. You can consult the professionals for kitchen installation in Turnbridge Wells for affordable and flexible services. A dramatic kitchen renovation can enhance your lifestyle in a comfortable yet luxurious way.

Know Why to Invest In Kitchen Remodelling

1. Add value to the home

Planning to move to a new house for a bigger and better kitchen is an impractical idea. But with kitchen remodelers, you can immediately transform your old kitchen into a brand new one. It guarantees a high return on investment in the future by boosting the home resell value. Most importantly, these projects are always in high demand, and those homeowners who invest wisely in kitchen renovation projects benefit in the long term. The profits and gains are manifold once you decide to work with professional builders for this purpose and enjoy the best outcome.

2. Add more space

Kitchen remodelling improves functionality, adds more space and completely eliminates any form of inconvenience. With the passing times, the homeowners can outgrow their kitchen space. Especially after the family size increases, people start looking for kitchen remodelling options to accommodate everyone within the room. So, instead of buying a new home, you can replace the small kitchen with a bigger one. This way, you can make it look spacious, aesthetically flawless while ensuring better functionality.

3. Save energy and water

With the implementation of new technologies in the modern updated kitchen space, you can benefit from energy efficiency. This will let you significantly reduce your utility bills. Add skylights to minimise the lighting expenses. You can also opt for a solar electrical appliance for better kitchen efficiency.

With new kitchen technologies and appliances, you can see major advances in your every day lifestyle. You can quickly complete your work, cook better and work faster. By adding this new dimension to your kitchen space through life-saving appliances, you can also enjoy an updated household lifestyle.

4. Accommodating

Modern kitchens come with increased storage spaces. Besides producing a contemporary appearance, you can remodel this space according to your vital requirements and preferences. Pull out shelves, bespoke cabinetry, low and sleek countertops are some modern trends and concepts which benefit the users in multiple ways.

Our qualified and professional builders at Global Building Services Ltd provide the latest solutions in kitchen renovation at competitive price rates. We strive to fulfil every client requirement with our comprehensive range of products, ensuring that you get the utmost satisfaction.

4 Major Benefits of Opting For An Home Addition

Kitchen Installation

One of the best ways to maximise space and flexibility is by building an addition to the home. When you consider expanding the house, consult a reliable and professional company for house renovations. There are various advantages and benefits of going for a house extension. With proper execution, you can improve the home value effectively.

Top Ways A House Addition Will Improve Your Home

1. Extra Space

If you feel tight and cramped in your current house, you can enjoy some free space by option for an addition. You can use that space according to your preference. With the exact amount of space, you can expand the kitchen or bathroom, use it as a storage facility, a master suite or more. You can also utilise it as a guest room to accommodate family members and visitors.

2. House extra people

A home addition is the best solution to add value to your home. You can welcome visitors to your home without worrying about how to accommodate them. You can transfer it to a kid’s playroom. If a friend wants to move in with you, you will have ample space to let them stay without feeling congested.

3. Extra income

Be the landlord of your house and rent the added space to any interested person. You can become a money maker by building a full bedroom and bathroom so that people can stay there. Depending on the available space, you can also make a separate entryway for tenants to enjoy their privacy.

4. Modify the space

Creating an addition to the house helps improve house aesthetics. You can transform and decorate it into a porch or basement area, even a family room or an attic. This also becomes a selling point for the house in the future.

At Global Building Services Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of house renovation services within customer budgets. From flawless planning, designing to implementation, we cater to every client requirement satisfactorily.

Trends in Kitchen Renovations For The Year 2021

kitchen installation

One of the most integral sections in every household, a kitchen never seems to go out of style. For the year 2021, the market is impacted by new designing trends for the kitchen. This ensures an innovative and aesthetic outlook. The kitchen installation services in Tunbridge Wells provide smart kitchen interior designing solutions for all.
Kitchens are the centre of every home, equally essential and efficient. The family gathers here for preparing meals for daily living. It is also the room to eat together and socialize with others. So, besides simple hygiene, you can try experimenting for a modernized approach.

Some Kitchen Renovation Trends You Can Follow

Marble Interior

Often, experts will suggest you use robust and veined marble for the kitchen décor. They emanate high luxury and fashion. Marble is durable, sustainable with a classy attribute to itself. While designers that marbles have made an essential comeback, they are sure to leave its imprint for a long time. It also creates standard value.

kitchen installation

Wood finish

This kind of interior designing looks extremely elegant. You can enjoy a touch of revival while also creating a fashion statement. Choose the wood colour which is paler than walnut or oak. This will give a warm feeling to the kitchen.

Warm Colours

Decorate the kitchen with bright but warm colour schemes. In the 2021 palette, warm shades will soon overpower the cooler tones. This generates a feeling of subtle comfort and compassion. You will also feel relaxed while working in the kitchen.

Touchless Faucet

While installing a new faucet is not time-consuming, choosing hand-free ones is likely to make it more convenient for you. These models are rapidly growing in popularity. Some faucets are motion controlled and are equally effective. It also helps you save water.

Pantry storage

These are a must-have organizer in the kitchen. Instead of scattering food packets here and there, you can store them inside the storage cupboard. Install the ones with a larger capacity. With more counter space, you can also keep your kitchen neat and accommodating. Hence, it is a savvy solution to make more space.

At Global Building Services Ltd., we provide advanced kitchen renovation solutions and services, equipped with modern technology and designs.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger?

Bathroom Installation

Most homeowners dream of a spacious bathroom, but cannot always afford the cost or space. Do not be disheartened. With some smart décor tips, you can make your small bathroom look bigger and spacious.
You can hire any expert service provider offering bathroom installation in Tonbridge. However, if that is not possible, here are a few tips that can make your small bathroom look bigger.

● Enhance the Natural Light

It will help if you light up your small bathroom as much as you can, and you should choose natural light for this purpose. Clean your windows and skylights, remove the heavy curtains, and clean the frames so that sunlight can quickly come through them. If you are concerned about privacy issues, choose frosted glass instead of plain ones.

● Go for a Large Mirror

If you have a mirror already in your bathroom, you might want to double up its size. It will offer the illusion of a more prominent place and reflect as much as light possible. You can go for frameless mirrors; they appear bigger than they are. Always go for a tarnish-resistant coating that will protect against high humid conditions.

Bathroom Installation

● Choose Cantilevered Countertop

You can always look for a cantilevered countertop instead of a vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets are known to be much of a space-eater. You can even go for pedestal sinks that will make your bathroom more spacious. With a pedestal sink, you can have free floor space. These alternatives will also help you save a lot of money on storage as well.

● Do Not Clutter with Decorations

You may think small paintings and a tiny rug can make your bathroom look cute and thoughtful. But they can also be the reason for excess clutter and chaos at times. This is why you should choose to decorate your bathroom space with fewer things. A couple of houseplants or one wall art should be enough.

You can choose Global Building Services if you are looking forward to transforming your bathroom with unique installations.