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You have a small bathroom and are thinking about remodelling it to create a luxurious spa-like feeling. The best option is to install walk-in showers, but many homeowners think that they are not suitable for smaller bathrooms.

But if you properly plan bespoke bathroom installation in Tonbridge, you can easily make your dream washroom design a reality.

This blog shows some creative ideas for installing walk-in showers in less spacious bathrooms.

Make Your Washroom Functional With Walk-In Showers

Choose White Washroom Fittings

White bathroom interiors are evergreen, as they can make your small space look airy and large. It also helps create a relaxing and soothing ambience in the washroom. Many people opt for chic black interiors in the bathroom, but the smaller washroom space looks much more cramped with the black interiors.

So, white is considered the timeless colour best for making your bathroom look brighter. A frameless glass panel perfectly blends with the white interiors and also protects the walls from shower splashes.

Making a Perfect Layout

One of the major decisions to make while redesigning and planning the bathroom is to plan the placement of the bathroom fittings. As you have limited space, it is very important to place all the items in a way that enhances the square footage of the walk-in showers.

If your washroom has any type of angle, it’s better to install a corner shower that will optimize the small space you have. The sink can easily be lined up on the long side walls. For better planning, you can get in touch with professionals who offer bathroom installation services.

Install the Doorless Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower in your bathroom makes the space look larger than normal. Install a glass panel to separate the shower area from the other parts of the bathroom and avoid the other parts interfering while you are taking a bath. With the perfect design, you can enter the walk-in shower and go out without opening and closing the entry door.

It is best to use clear glass that matches the bathroom interiors. To reduce water splashes, the shower head and taps need to be mounted on opposite sides of the panel.

Choosing the Right Tiles Is Very Crucial

Choose the toilet tiles to complement the sanitary hardware and the overall look of the space. Use bold colours and patterns to make your small bathroom look spacious. If the walls and interiors are white, a shower wall contrasted with dark-coloured tiles is better to make your washroom stand apart from the rest.

No more struggling with a small bathroom when you have the above points described. Be sure to consult with a reputable bathroom installation company that provides bespoke services according to your needs. Global Building Services Ltd in Tonbridge has a team of professional contractors who deliver the best bathroom installation and renovation services.