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Bathroom makeovers have always been a messy yet exciting venture for homeowners. Selecting the proper types of bathroom installations can be a daunting task if you do not get professional help with the same. Like the rest of the house, bathrooms are also an essential segment. Hence if you are planning a bathroom makeover, make sure that you choose the right type of accessories,  colour,  floor tiles and wallpapers to match the house’s aesthetics. 

For proper bathroom installation in Sevenoaks,  approach a professional with experience with bathroom makeovers. They will check the available amount of space and will suggest a design right within your budget. 

Here are some tips to help you venture into a bathroom makeover. 

How to plan a bathroom makeover successfully?

Make a functional design 

Before you start the makeover,  make a functional design of your bathroom in your mind and use it as a blueprint when you share your ideas with the builder. This will help the builder to chalk out the type of design that you are looking for in your new bathroom. If you are knowledgeable, then the makeover result might not be satisfactory.

Take care of ventilation

Your bathroom must be properly ventilated. Either fix a proper-sized window or opt for the bathroom fans. Either way, round, ensure that the odour is transported out so you can use the bathroom properly and fully. 

Add colours 

To make a bathroom look bigger, you must choose white or light colour spectrums for the walls. Darker colours make the bathroom look smaller and can give a claustrophobic feeling. Always opt for light-coloured textures, even in the accessories you choose. 

Pick the right flooring and lights

Two things matter a lot in a bathroom. Firstly the flooring tiles, and secondly, the bathroom lights. Matching with your house’s interior floors, you can opt for solid wood floors,  glossy tiles,  Vinyl tiles,  luxury Vinyl planks,  ceramic finish or porcelain tiles. Whatever you choose, remember to get a waterproof and non-slippery floor for your bathroom. Along with the floor, take good care of the lighting. Select the perfect location for the lights and always go for the brighter ones because a bathroom itself is a dark space. 

For beautiful bathroom installations, hire experienced builders from Global Building Services Ltd. We have experienced builders in and around Sevenoaks to help you with bathroom makeovers.