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People dream of a big and spacious bathroom in their house. But because of property restrictions, the bathroom is often made small. If you wonder how to make your small bathroom appear big, here are some practical and aesthetic ideas to consider. It combines careful colour schemes, fixtures and patterns. It is advisable to consult professionals for bathroom installation in Tonbridge for stylish renovation work.

In this blog, we will discuss some small bathroom ideas that are creative as well as functional. These space-enhancing elements, when embedded, will make your bathroom look large. It also proves how bold designs and installation can be done right even in the tiniest rooms.


Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Renovation

1. Install large mirrors

Mirrors add to the illusion of space. It reflects more light, and if your bathroom already has a mirror, you can consider a bigger size. Mirrors on the wall is an excellent designing feature. You can install a wide-angled mirror or a single tall piece with frames. Try a dark-framed mirror to snatch people’s attention. You can also opt for wall-to-wall mirrors for reflections to intensify the overall bathroom brightness.

2. Double down with dark shades

Often, giving small bathrooms a dark colour shade adds depth and create the illusion of space. You can opt for high gloss colours for the right hue that imparts a big night sky effect. Additionally, the light will bounce off the surface and lighten up the area.

3. Swap angles with curves

The key to a big, successful bathroom is to ensure visual balance. You can achieve this by selecting the correct colour schemes and installing the correct bathroom fixtures etc. The floor and wall tiles and patterns also matter. If the floor is tight, you can manage space by eliminating the corners and including curves. Go for rounded edges on the showers, furniture, cabinets, bath to add a visual flow to the bathroom during renovation work.

4. Glass Shower Door

If you are starting renovation work for your small bathroom, you can consider scrapping the curtains. The expert suggests glass doors for small baths. Frameless glass screens fake the appearance of a square footage area. A clean shower frame reflects light and opens up more space. This creates a cohesive look for the bathroom, and you can amplify it with warm brass fixtures, accessories and fittings.

5. Invest in good lighting

Your small bathroom should match with the décor and appear brighter. The expert builders highlight the importance of excellent bathroom lightings. You can increase options for natural lighting through windows or skylights. Some other options to consider are as follows-

  • Repair the broken curtains and blinds for smooth opening and closing.
  • Replace the clear glass windows with frosted or textured privacy glass.
  • Clean the windows with water and soft brushes, so it does not impede the natural lighting.

At Global Building Services Limited, you can avail services from bathroom installation specialists. Enjoy premium-quality bathroom renovation work for a beautiful appearance.