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Are you facing issues with your small bathroom and want to remodel it? You are not alone; many people suffer from the same. Generally, individuals living in small flats have small bathrooms within a particular number of square feet.

 It makes it difficult to arrange all the items inside. Small space means you must fit inside small cupboards, racks and accessories. 

Such challenges can be solved with proper planning before a small bathroom installation. The professionals working in this field know exactly the demands of the clients. They come up with fascinating ideas on how to maximise the space inside your small bathroom and make it look extravagant. 

Interesting Tips To Know How To Maximise The Small Bathroom Space


Choosing The Right Colour Palette

The first step in designing and maximising the space in your small bathroom is choosing the right colour palette. You can use light colours like whites, pastel hues and greys to make your bathroom look larger and more inviting. 

You need to avoid using bold colours as they make the space look smaller. You can add colour through accessories like bright-coloured towels and curtains to keep your bathroom looking fresh. 

Use A Mirror In A Strategic Manner

Mirrors are considered as the best friend in the small bathroom. They help reflect light and create an illusion of a larger space. You must install a large mirror above the sink space or cover a cover wall with the mirror to expand. You can also go for the mirrored cabinets that come with both functionality and style. If you need to know what type of mirror suits your bathroom, you can discuss your plan with an installer who will guide you.

Make Use Of Open Shelves

Open shelves can be the best way to expand the space of your small bathroom and make it look larger. Install the floating shelves above the toilet portion or along the side walls to keep all your essentials within your accessibility reach. 

Use the stylish containers to keep all the items organised and add a sense of aesthetics to the space. 

Go For Vertical Storage In Place Of Horizontal Ones

When the floor is limited, you need to think about going vertically. Install narrow cabinets or shelves to maximise the storage space without occupying too much space. These units can be used for keeping towels and even décor items. 

These are some of the ways you can maximise your bathroom space. You can hire professionals for bespoke bathroom installation to get a good look and feel in your bathroom. Global Building Services Ltd offer the best bathroom installation and renovation services.