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Because of their elegant and majestic appearance, vintage bathrooms are extremely in demand. They are an excellent choice when you are looking to create something cosy, aesthetic and luxurious. There are many iconic Victorian/Edwardian designs to choose from. As a spearheading innovator in the bathroom installation sector, we have shared the perfect formula to create a vintage bathroom experience for you. Let’s look at the main tenets of a vintage bathroom installation. 

Four core tenets of a vintage bathroom installation 

Let’s look at the four main tenets of a vintage bathroom installation. 

Embrace a bold colour scheme

Well, for a vintage bathroom design, we always ask you to go with bold colour schemes. The Victorians used to love rich, jewel-toned hues like deep green, dark purple and navy blue. So, to begin with, to make your vintage dream come true, we are going to paint your walls in an opulent vintage shade. The green brick tiles settle wonderfully along with the plants located in the bathroom. 

Beautiful patterned floor tiles

Do you want to bring in the luxurious traditional feel to your bathroom? The most effective way to do so is through intricately patterned tiles. Moreover, you should bring a sense of cohesion and consistency by selecting tiles that feature the same accent colour as your walls or furniture.

Don’t skip on the details 

If you are truly keen on simulating the Victorian grandeur, why not go some extra steps ahead? So we will advise you to get all the details spot on. So, alongside the traditional bathroom suite and its vintage fittings, you should also consider installing a gorgeous cast iron radiator. Why stop there? Let us get you a beautiful, antique-looking loo roll holder. And as the cherry on top, we advise you to install a light pull and towel ring to make the perfect finishing touches. 

The perfect synergy of the traditional and modern

You might be trying to simulate a vintage look. But that does not mean you will be barred from installing and accessing all the modern amenities. For instance, you can choose vintage green metro tiles but arrange them in a contemporary herringbone pattern to create a chic twist to the tradition. This classic combination can make your bathroom appear in a new décor and ardour. 

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