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Without the presence of building contractors, no construction project takes place. This is due to the fact that they perform a wide range of duties in building construction projects. A building contractor ensures that all the necessary steps are taken to complete the project successfully. The duties of building contractors in Tunbridge Wells include hard work and a detailed review of the activities that support building structures. Continue reading the blog to know a building contractor’s main duties. 

Top Five Key Roles of a Building Contractor 


Implementation of the construction plan

Initially, a building contractor should be responsible for implementing a construction plan to accomplish the project successfully. This includes creating a step-by-step stage that the project is going to follow from beginning to end. 

Hiring and supervising workers

A building contractor also plays a key role in hiring and supervising the employees who work on particular construction tasks. In addition, a building contractor also needs to take care of the payroll regarding the employees.

Obtaining all the necessary construction permits

Building contractors are also responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits from relevant sources before starting a construction project. Their work includes obtaining building licences or area permits and following the necessary regulations to get involved in the construction project. 


This is yet another key duty of a building contractor. The contract should set a budget for the project and follow it as closely as possible. This ensures that the project is going to get completed the way it was first envisioned and within the set budget. 

Conducting research regarding relevant construction regulations

Another key role of a professional building contractor is to conduct research on relevant building construction regulations. This allows the contractor and his workers to understand and follow the much-needed regulations to accomplish the project law-abidingly. 

To sum up, these are the roles and duties of a building contractor. Approach Global Building Services Ltd if you want the best outcome for your building construction project. Our expert team of building contractors in Tunbridge Wells specialises in a wide range of building renovation and home improvement services. To know more about our services, contact us today.