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Most homeowners dream of a spacious bathroom, but cannot always afford the cost or space. Do not be disheartened. With some smart décor tips, you can make your small bathroom look bigger and spacious.
You can hire any expert service provider offering bathroom installation in Tonbridge. However, if that is not possible, here are a few tips that can make your small bathroom look bigger.

● Enhance the Natural Light

It will help if you light up your small bathroom as much as you can, and you should choose natural light for this purpose. Clean your windows and skylights, remove the heavy curtains, and clean the frames so that sunlight can quickly come through them. If you are concerned about privacy issues, choose frosted glass instead of plain ones.

● Go for a Large Mirror

If you have a mirror already in your bathroom, you might want to double up its size. It will offer the illusion of a more prominent place and reflect as much as light possible. You can go for frameless mirrors; they appear bigger than they are. Always go for a tarnish-resistant coating that will protect against high humid conditions.


● Choose Cantilevered Countertop

You can always look for a cantilevered countertop instead of a vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets are known to be much of a space-eater. You can even go for pedestal sinks that will make your bathroom more spacious. With a pedestal sink, you can have free floor space. These alternatives will also help you save a lot of money on storage as well.

● Do Not Clutter with Decorations

You may think small paintings and a tiny rug can make your bathroom look cute and thoughtful. But they can also be the reason for excess clutter and chaos at times. This is why you should choose to decorate your bathroom space with fewer things. A couple of houseplants or one wall art should be enough.

You can choose Global Building Services if you are looking forward to transforming your bathroom with unique installations.

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