5 Best House Renovation Ideas


Renovating your house helps you to remodel the broken, damaged parts of the home and make them look beautiful yet more functional. The advancement in technology helps to decorate your home with attractive items and structures. In house renovations, you get many things to consider before you want to install them at your home. An interior designer company helps you to choose the best among all and convert your expectations into a reality.

What should you consider when remodeling your house?

If you want to renovate your place, you should know how you can make it look more attractive and perfect to stay in. Here is a list of ideas:-

Maximize spaces

Space maximization is an essential aspect of house renovations. You should add more furniture but make sure that they can be used for multiple purposes. It helps to have great storage places where you can adjust all your stuff.

False ceiling

False ceiling is of great benefit because it doesn’t not only make your sealing attractive but also keeps your room or area cool. You can get false ceiling according to your taste and preferences.


Lighting makes your place look more beautiful and fabulous. It helps to give powerful vibes. Adding a light to a corner adds a special effect to that place. You should choose light accordingly. It is not necessary to add lights to every corner.

Colour combinations

Different color combinations give a different vibe altogether. You should not get only dark colors painted, you should add some light or pastel colors to your rooms and areas. You
can opt for bright colors as well which makes you joyful all the time. Having a great color palette looks more attractive.

Shapes and open shelves

Open shelves add an extra visual layer. They help you display your antique elements and structures. It also reduces the chances of breaking the glasses. You can decorate them with baskets, books, or any other home accessory. Using rectangular furniture has been an old tradition. Now you can get shapes of different varieties and you do not have to reduce the space. You can now adjust them in the structure you want to.

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The Importance of Window Placement in House Renovations


The main reason for renovating your house is to make it a more comfortable space. You have to ensure that the designer additions fit perfectly to your property. To do that, it is important to oversee the entire process by yourself.

Addition of Windows:

One of the important additions in house remodelling is the windows. Not only does it provides a view of the exterior, but it also protects your privacy. You should observe that the windows are properly installed in your house. You may end up paying a lot of money if you need to change its position after installation.

Vital Things of Placing Windows during Renovation:

Below, you can find some important things to consider while placing a window. You may get some input if you plan for house renovations in Sevenoaks.

Direction: South-facing windows are popular in nearly every household. It is a practical position that gives you plenty of light and protects you from chilly winds. You can make your property much more energy-efficient with a South facing window. It guarantees you sunlight all day and keeps the rooms insulated.

Alignment: Talk with your home conversion specialists for a proper alignment. The edges of a window should be symmetrically placed for better aesthetics. If you have a multi-storied residence, you should definitely follow this rule. Ensure that the windows of all the floors are properly aligned.

Height: The height of the window from the floor of your room is an important factor. This allows you to place some furniture near them. Usually, the bottom edge of the window should be three feet above the floor. However, you can avoid this rule if you do not intend to place any furniture by the window.

Ventilation: No matter how big your room is, you should always consider placing a lot of windows for ventilation. You can add the windows according to the wind direction of the room. If you have south-facing windows, installing another window facing the Western direction will be practical. It will eliminate the heat of the room and keep it insulated even in summers.

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Why You Should Invest in House Renovations: Time to Think about a Stylish Makeover

Home renovation

We all love our homes and feel deeply connected to them. Our house indeed reflects our lifestyle and personality to some extent. On the other hand, sometimes living in the same house for several years can be boring. We all need some changes in the style and design of the house we live in.

Different people wish to get house renovations in Sevenoaks for different purposes. If you wish to know when and why you should consider home renovation, this blog will help you understand.

When to Go for House Renovation?

You Need Extra Space

With the growing number of family members, your house seems smaller than your current requirements. If it is your problem, a well-planned and perfectly executed house renovation will help you in many ways. You can consider having a loft conversion, basement conversion, house extensions or changing your home from one storey to a double-storied building to fulfil the requirement of extra space. Renovating the basement or loft sometimes fulfil the need for space in a stylish and smart way.

You Plan to Sell the House

If you are planning to sell your property, you can always consider a house renovation before that. Renovating the bathroom or the kitchen of your home will add more value to your property and help you obtain a higher price in the property market of Sevenoaks. When you can make a great renovation in your house to give it a fresh look and feel, you can easily make your potential buyers happy.

You Need to See Something Fresh

Living in the same old house for several years can make you feel bored. You feel tired of seeing that same old kitchen, living room, bathroom and balcony. A little transformation can make things much better for your mental health too. If you want to get a fresh look at your property, house renovation can be one of the most suitable alternatives.

This is even a cost-effective option for homeowners who have a limited budget. There are builders and contractors who can deliver excellent renovation services at affordable prices. You need to share your requirements with them to get a free quote.

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3 Tips for Successful House Renovation Process

Home renovation

A well-planned home renovation increases the financial value of the property. However, in most cases, homeowners end up overspending without getting any effective outcome. Thus, hiring professional renovators is the best solution.

The best way to renovate a house includes renovating the kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. These are the places which are mostly used. Hence, renovating them will lend a new look to the house. However, the whole process of renovation is hectic and messy. When it’s over, you’ll find the whole house upside down. To avoid the same, here’s a list of few tips that will make your renovation successful even with many hassles.

Plan before renovating

Planning is the key to success in every area of life. You can’t start with the renovation process one fine morning. Rather you need to plan out in detail and note all facts that you want to cover in the renovation process. This will help you understand the changes you want, and you can also make the builders understand the same. Moreover, fixing the budget is also a requirement. Home renovations should not cost you a fortune. Hence planning can fix the same.

home extension box

Keep the interiors clean

Renovation is a messy affair. You’ll find people going in and out of the house for the whole day and night. Set some rules for them. Remember that is your home. Hence, it would help if you kept it clean. The renovators will not think twice before making a mess of the whole place. Rather it would help if you had set separate rules for using the washroom and also stop acts like smoking within the premises.

Hire a reputed contractor

You must hire a reputed and renowned contractor if you want the best outcome for the job. They will renovate your house in the best possible manner. Moreover, the right contractor will give you suggestions about the dos and don’ts of renovation. You can also share the budget and the designs in your mind, and they will plan accordingly.

With these tips, you can ensure a quick and hassle-free renovation process. Global Building Services Ltd is a reputed and experienced building contractor in Kent. Our team can efficiently design bricklaying, garage conversions and house extensions within your budget. With 20 years of experience in this field, we assure a complete mess-free renovation project.

Hire our builders and get your house renovated soon.

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4 Major Benefits of Opting For An Home Addition

One of the best ways to maximise space and flexibility is by building an addition to the home. When you consider expanding the house, consult a reliable and professional company for house renovations. There are various advantages and benefits of going for a house extension. With proper execution, you can improve the home value effectively.

Top Ways A House Addition Will Improve Your Home

1. Extra Space

If you feel tight and cramped in your current house, you can enjoy some free space by option for an addition. You can use that space according to your preference. With the exact amount of space, you can expand the kitchen or bathroom, use it as a storage facility, a master suite or more. You can also utilise it as a guest room to accommodate family members and visitors.

2. House extra people

A home addition is the best solution to add value to your home. You can welcome visitors to your home without worrying about how to accommodate them. You can transfer it to a kid’s playroom. If a friend wants to move in with you, you will have ample space to let them stay without feeling congested.

3. Extra income

Be the landlord of your house and rent the added space to any interested person. You can become a money maker by building a full bedroom and bathroom so that people can stay there. Depending on the available space, you can also make a separate entryway for tenants to enjoy their privacy.

4. Modify the space

Creating an addition to the house helps improve house aesthetics. You can transform and decorate it into a porch or basement area, even a family room or an attic. This also becomes a selling point for the house in the future.

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Top Home Improvement Trends of the Year


With the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, staying at home is being encouraged. Now is a time when you will probably be looking at your home more than ever. Even though no place can beat the comfort of your own home, some changes can make it better. Even a small house renovation improve your living experience. If you want to improve your home but don’t know what you should do, you might be able to find some answers below.

Some of the most popular renovation trends of the year

• Building a more eco-friendly and sustainable home. With the rise in the number of environmental concerns, sustainability has been very popular. People have started installing electric car charging ports and installing double glazed windows. You can add a living plant wall to your home to hop on the trend. There has also been a shift from plastic to materials like wood and bamboo.

• Along the same lines, the colour green is dominating the trending chart. Various shades of green are being used in all elements of the home. The walls are being painted light for maximum reflection of natural light. More and more natural ingredients are being incorporated in home improvement.

• Safety has also become a priority this year. Home renovations are including a lot of features to make the homes more secure. Sturdy, security gates are being added, and pebble dashing has been widespread. Installation of CCTV cameras and fire alarms has also increased.

• People are also trying to make spaces more friendly this year. Partition walls are being removed, and living room extensions are being done to make the area special. The seamless merging of the kitchen with the dining room is also quite popular. People are trying to make more social hotspots around the house.

The quest for the best always remains incomplete as you own a home. You are still in the lookout for the best attribute to make it more comfortable, trendy, and functional. Thus, the need for replacing, improve, or repair something never seems to end up. You keep on dreaming of making your home the best. Hope, these tips help.

You can choose from a variety of options according to your budget. You are sure to get the value for your money with a reputed company. They will offer one of the best house renovations. The craftsmanship will be excellent, and the prices quite competitive.

4 House Renovations Ideas You Can Try With A Limited Budget

kitchen background Image

There has been a recent increase in the number of people willing to renovate their home. Whether you are planning a small or large scale home renovation, you can reap numerous benefits if you can hire the right builders. Even a few minor upgrades can increase your home value and appeal drastically. You will get more living space which you can use for a wide variety of purposes. Remodelling home structures like your bathroom, kitchen, floors or bedroom will provide added comfort to your home.

Is Home Renovation Affordable?

Though there are numerous benefits of planning home renovations, there are still a few people in Tunbridge Wells who have not yet started looking for reputed builders. It is primarily because they think that undergoing house renovations will punch a hole in their pocket. If you are willing to reap all the benefits offered by house renovations, it’s high time you debunk the myth and try the affordable home improvement ideas stated below. You can also ask the builders to customise their services according to your budget.

home extension box

Few Affordable Home Renovations Offered By Builders In Tunbridge Wells

• Upgrade The Kitchen And Bathroom

Remodelling your kitchen and bathroom is always considered to be one of the best investments you can make as they can increase your home value drastically. Hire builders to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom if you are planning to sell your home and want to attract potential buyers. Even small changes like replacing the outdated lighting or painting the kitchen cabinets can go a long way.

• Install New Roofs

Get the old roof in your house replaced immediately if you notice that it has started leaking or falling apart. Almost every builder excels in roof installation so get in touch with them if you are planning to replace or repair the roof. There have been numerous cases when installing new roofs has helped home buyers close a sale. There are a wide variety of roofs available in the market so you can choose one which fits your budget.

home renovation side

• Barn Renovations

If you are looking for home renovations in Tunbridge Wells with a limited budget, the first thing you can start with is the barn renovation. A modern barn conversion will add more value to your property than an abandoned space. Big barns can be converted into a whole new living area. You can also try a DIY and install a modern barn door. There are numerous trendy sliding doors available in the market for you to choose from.

• Install Subway Tiles

Ask experienced builders to install subway tiles in your bathroom and kitchen and you enhance the appeal and value of your home without exceeding your budget. Though the glass, marble and travertine tiles are more popular, it is always advisable to choose a design which matches your home decor.

Since there are so many affordable home renovation ideas for you to choose from, it’s time you start looking for experienced builders in Tunbridge Wells.