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The main reason for renovating your house is to make it a more comfortable space. You have to ensure that the designer additions fit perfectly to your property. To do that, it is important to oversee the entire process by yourself.

Addition of Windows:

One of the important additions in house remodelling is the windows. Not only does it provides a view of the exterior, but it also protects your privacy. You should observe that the windows are properly installed in your house. You may end up paying a lot of money if you need to change its position after installation.

Vital Things of Placing Windows during Renovation:

Below, you can find some important things to consider while placing a window. You may get some input if you plan for house renovations in Sevenoaks.

Direction: South-facing windows are popular in nearly every household. It is a practical position that gives you plenty of light and protects you from chilly winds. You can make your property much more energy-efficient with a South facing window. It guarantees you sunlight all day and keeps the rooms insulated.

Alignment: Talk with your home conversion specialists for a proper alignment. The edges of a window should be symmetrically placed for better aesthetics. If you have a multi-storied residence, you should definitely follow this rule. Ensure that the windows of all the floors are properly aligned.

Height: The height of the window from the floor of your room is an important factor. This allows you to place some furniture near them. Usually, the bottom edge of the window should be three feet above the floor. However, you can avoid this rule if you do not intend to place any furniture by the window.

Ventilation: No matter how big your room is, you should always consider placing a lot of windows for ventilation. You can add the windows according to the wind direction of the room. If you have south-facing windows, installing another window facing the Western direction will be practical. It will eliminate the heat of the room and keep it insulated even in summers.

Consider these points while adding windows during your house renovation in Sevenoaks. You can get proper assistance from a professional source like Global Building Services. We have maintained a steady reputation for more than two decades. Our qualified team can collaborate with you on the proper placement of windows. Visit our website for a free quote.