4 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Installation and How to Avoid Them

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Some kitchens are comfortable and efficient to use, and some are not. The selection of the wrong kitchen layout or design has nothing to do with the aesthetic appeal of this space. Many a time, a gorgeous kitchen can have the wrong layout.

Suppose you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or need to get a fresh kitchen layout for your new home. In that case, you should be aware of some common common mistakes of kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells.

Costly Mistakes of Kitchen Installation

Ignoring Your Work Triangle

Every kitchen must have the Work Triangle to ensure the comfort and safety of kitchen users. If you do not respect this concept of creating a smart Kitchen Work Triangle while designing the layout, you will end up creating a space that might look beautiful but not useful or efficient enough. Maintain the standard position of the sink, worktop and refrigerator while planning the kitchen layout in your new home.

Neglecting Small Details

If you think that the handle of your kitchen drawers or the splash back’s size is very nominal things to pay attention to, you are making mistakes. Skipping the hardware of your kitchen cabinet or ignoring the surface of the worktop can create problems later. Never neglect small details while designing your kitchen layout.

Not Envisioning the Kitchen with Multiple Cooks

There are times when multiple people can use the kitchen at the same time. There can be more than one cook working on the stove at the same time too. You should have a clear vision about this while imagining your kitchen after installation. Not envisioning the same can create a major space issue in future.

Considering Upper Cabinetry as a Mandatory One

If you think that your kitchen layout cannot be completed without installing upper cabinetries, you are missing something. A professional and experienced kitchen installer can help you to find the right place in the kitchen to install cabinets. In most of the houses, these upper cabinetries seem difficult to reach for people of average height. Professionals know how to utilise the lower parts of the kitchen to create enough storage space for you.

These mistakes are common, and most households have them. There are several ways of avoiding them. A qualified, experienced and reliable kitchen installer can help you understand how easily you can avoid these installation mistakes and create a functional, smart, alluring and efficient kitchen layout.

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3 Tips To Make Kitchen Cabinet Installation Easy

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Undertaking a kitchen redesigning project before putting your property on the market is always a wise decision. Instead of trying a DIY, get in touch with experienced kitchen installers as they know how to complete complicated kitchen installation projects. They will also consider your installation needs before choosing a suitable place to install the cabinets.

One of the primary reasons homeowners in Tunbridge Wells prefer hanging cabinets is that they are easy to install. Otherwise, you have to scope out the room to ensure that the cabinets have fitted well in your kitchen. The room might be square, plumb or level and experienced installers know how to ease the kitchen cabinet installation process.

Need Kitchen Cabinet Installation? Few Tips To Ease The Process

• Start From The Corners

It is the responsibility of the kitchen installers to ensure that everything fits and aligns properly. They first mark the base cabinet locations on the wall, lay out the sink cabinets or start from the corners. They make space adjustments using filler strips in the middle of the run. If there are some irregularities or out-of-plumb conditions, they adjust the base cabinets’ location. They try to place the cabinets in such a way so that their back is against the long wall. The objective is to align the wall cabinets with the base cabinets.

• Measure From Top Down For Top Cabinets

Kitchen installers use the full-height panel and the tall cabinet to determine the height of the wall cabinets. They prefer measuring the top cabinets from the highest spot on the floor. The two lines establish the bottom and top of the wall cabinets. Irrespective of the type of cabinet you are measuring, make sure it is accurate. You can design your dream kitchen from scratch or revamp the existing one with proper measurements.

• Avoid Drywall Repairs

If you are using the same kitchen for years, you have to deal with damaged ceilings and walls. The interiors in some kitchens are covered with gypsum wallboard, known as drywall. Over time, you have to repair or replace them. It is advisable to minimise drywall repairs and look for professionals offering kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells. They will give your existing kitchen a fresh and fabulous look. The objective is to get the right place for your family’s culinary needs.

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The Ultimate Guide for Kitchen Remodelling and Installation

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Kicking off the kitchen remodelling project can seem like a daunting task. If you find the space old, out of trend and cramped up, you can hire a reputed contractor for kitchen installation who can execute the process with expertise and ease. From updating kitchen countertops and cabinets to other bespoke installations and additions, you can follow this essential guide to go about the process effortlessly.

Guide to Follow During Kitchen Remodelling And Bespoke Designing

1. Understanding your requirements from the kitchen

You should start by creating a to-do list and prepare a setlist of all the vital questions like the following –
• What kind of renovation work do you prefer?
• What type of storage adjustments and features do you prefer?
• Are you looking for any aspirational and aesthetic designing features?
Remember, it is crucial to think beyond the kitchen appearance and make progressions in other aspects too.

2. Finding kitchen inspiration

You can take suggestions and recommendations from professional kitchen building contractors and specialists for assured functional, practical and aesthetic ideas. They can advise you about the process of kitchen renovation, showcase their kitchen collection work and features so that you reap the maximum benefit.

Most importantly, you have to prepare yourself by taking logical and manageable steps so that you can transform your dream kitchen vision into a reality. You should also figure out your goals for kitchen remodelling.

• Meeting the lifestyle needs of the family
• Maximising space and storage dimensions
• Remodelling within fixed time and budget

3. Setting a budget

Before starting the project by hiring kitchen building contractors, you should have a specific budget set in mind. This way, you can keep track of the whole process and assess the incurring of additional costs. During such renovation projects, you should also be aware of the hidden costs. Besides the cost of labour and material, you have to pay up for other expenses.

4. Focus on Quality

Always purchase premium quality products and raw material for your kitchen renovation work. Ensure if the items are functional for your own usage, also adding to the resale value. Consider purchasing the products in retail. Ask the contractors to re-modify and re-paint the older cabinets and use them accordingly. You can also propose using reused building material if suitable.

5. Planning the layout

More than any other room of the house, the kitchen should be planned practically and functionally. Hence, you should identify your priorities and criteria before beginning work. The proper arrangement of the sink, refrigerators, storage cabinets is necessary for the user’s convenience. The walkway should also be spacious for ease of movement without banging on the counters.

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Trends in Kitchen Renovations For The Year 2021

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One of the most integral sections in every household, a kitchen never seems to go out of style. For the year 2021, the market is impacted by new designing trends for the kitchen. This ensures an innovative and aesthetic outlook. The kitchen installation services in Tunbridge Wells provide smart kitchen interior designing solutions for all.
Kitchens are the centre of every home, equally essential and efficient. The family gathers here for preparing meals for daily living. It is also the room to eat together and socialize with others. So, besides simple hygiene, you can try experimenting for a modernized approach.

Some Kitchen Renovation Trends You Can Follow

Marble Interior

Often, experts will suggest you use robust and veined marble for the kitchen décor. They emanate high luxury and fashion. Marble is durable, sustainable with a classy attribute to itself. While designers that marbles have made an essential comeback, they are sure to leave its imprint for a long time. It also creates standard value.

kitchen installation

Wood finish

This kind of interior designing looks extremely elegant. You can enjoy a touch of revival while also creating a fashion statement. Choose the wood colour which is paler than walnut or oak. This will give a warm feeling to the kitchen.

Warm Colours

Decorate the kitchen with bright but warm colour schemes. In the 2021 palette, warm shades will soon overpower the cooler tones. This generates a feeling of subtle comfort and compassion. You will also feel relaxed while working in the kitchen.

Touchless Faucet

While installing a new faucet is not time-consuming, choosing hand-free ones is likely to make it more convenient for you. These models are rapidly growing in popularity. Some faucets are motion controlled and are equally effective. It also helps you save water.

Pantry storage

These are a must-have organizer in the kitchen. Instead of scattering food packets here and there, you can store them inside the storage cupboard. Install the ones with a larger capacity. With more counter space, you can also keep your kitchen neat and accommodating. Hence, it is a savvy solution to make more space.

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