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When you think about how much time it will take to get the kitchen work done. You are not the only one who thinks about it. It’s the same question which comes to the mind of others. So, below, the people staying in Tunbridge Well will get the timeline for kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells. The timeline of the work may take more or less time. It depends on the type of work you are planning to do.

Things to Expect Before Kitchen Installation Begins

Doing good planning with the kitchen fitter generally takes weeks. During this time, you and the designer will clearly understand your expectations and visions. It will help the person to create the plan. It will show up according to your family’s requirements.  

Your detailed expectations from the kitchen daily are required by the kitchen designer. The designer will add features to your kitchen according to your daily needs. They will do a rough sketch based on your requirements. It will provide you with the estimated budget. The job of the kitchen installer is also to let you know how you will maintain and clean your new kitchen.

The Renovation work of the kitchen begins

The manufacturer provides the cabinet for up to 10 weeks. During this time, the renovation work started in full gear. Here are the steps to determine what should be considered during the renovation.

Disconnection of services and Demolition

The initial step is disconnecting all the gas, water, and electric services. The work will take a few hours.  It is essential to know that the most messy part of the job is recreation, which is the demolition part. So, preparing for the dusty and noisy procedure would be best. It takes 2 to 3 days to clear the rubbish that comes during the demolition time.

Cabinets and flooring

After demolishing your old kitchen, based on the kitchen design, installation of cabinets and flooring starts. The best part is to install the floor after the cabinets, but in some cases, vice-versa things happen.  

Countertop and cabinetry installation

After the cabinetry or countertop is delivered from the manufacturer, they are installed. During this time of the installation work, the electricians and plumbers return to reconnect the disconnected services. Sometimes, the time taken to complete the cabinetry work may take 10 days. 

Finishing work

The finishing touches, like a tile backsplash, painting, and lighting, will now be made by a contractor.

Sometimes, the people of Tunbridge Wells think it’s worth the effort and money to redesign the kitchen. However, it is a lengthy procedure from kitchen fitters tunbridge wells. You will have a brand-new kitchen perfect for your family’s needs and way of life in just a few short months. Contact Global Building Services Ltd immediately for a free, comprehensive estimate on your new kitchen renovation.