4 things to know about before you proceed with your Kitchen Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Your kitchen plays host to a wide variety of everyday tasks. That is why it needs to be attractive and amenable to all the functions that play out within its walls. You could be eating, cooking, cleaning or hosting guests. A well-designed kitchen should be able to justify the devotion you treat the space with. Whether it is installing a new kitchen or the refurbishment of an existing one, going over the following tips will ensure that you maximize the benefits and functionality of your kitchen, having it serve all your needs.

1. Eliminate Redundant Movement

A kitchen should be designed in a way that best interprets your needs and makes sure to support your instincts and movements. That is why, for instance, the space for breakfast foods and bowls should be as near as possible to the breakfast table. Plastic containers and wraps should be stored in a neat place close to where you habitually wrap your leftovers. Dishes should be kept in a closet or a rack near the dishwasher.

2. Ascertain the Ideal Height for the Microwave

Since you want your kitchen to be chef- and kid-friendly, you must pay attention to the way you position the most intensely used appliance in your kitchen, the microwave. If you want play amenable to adults, a microwave height of a foot or so above the counter-top level is desirable. If you want kids to be able to access the kitchen habitually, position your microwave to a below countertop setup.

3. Make Way for Traffic through the Kitchen

Receiving the flow of visitors is one of the key aspects of a kitchen that you need to plan for. Since the safety of children is paramount, it is advisable to design the cooking stove in a way that puts it out of the reach of children. That way they will never trigger accidents or spills by, say, latching onto a handle or brushing against a hot surface. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is positioned to provide adequate access to both passersby and servants and chefs in the kitchen.

4. Carefully plan the corners

The importance of paying attention to the corners of your kitchen cannot be overstated. Your corner plan should dictate where you place your cabinets and appliances. To allow cabinet doors and those belonging to appliances to open fully and shut at ease, you need to provide space for the swinging arc and clearance of all doors in your kitchen. Also make sure that doors don’t run into each other in a log jam if open simultaneously.

So the next time you need experienced and reliable kitchen building contractors in Kent or the Tunbridge Wells area, approach us at Global Building Services Ltd. for a no-obligation quote and a consultation. This way you give yourself the best chance of finding a solution that fits your needs, both in terms of precision and artistry.

The Importance of Window Placement in House Renovations


The main reason for renovating your house is to make it a more comfortable space. You have to ensure that the designer additions fit perfectly to your property. To do that, it is important to oversee the entire process by yourself.

Addition of Windows:

One of the important additions in house remodelling is the windows. Not only does it provides a view of the exterior, but it also protects your privacy. You should observe that the windows are properly installed in your house. You may end up paying a lot of money if you need to change its position after installation.

Vital Things of Placing Windows during Renovation:

Below, you can find some important things to consider while placing a window. You may get some input if you plan for house renovations in Sevenoaks.

Direction: South-facing windows are popular in nearly every household. It is a practical position that gives you plenty of light and protects you from chilly winds. You can make your property much more energy-efficient with a South facing window. It guarantees you sunlight all day and keeps the rooms insulated.

Alignment: Talk with your home conversion specialists for a proper alignment. The edges of a window should be symmetrically placed for better aesthetics. If you have a multi-storied residence, you should definitely follow this rule. Ensure that the windows of all the floors are properly aligned.

Height: The height of the window from the floor of your room is an important factor. This allows you to place some furniture near them. Usually, the bottom edge of the window should be three feet above the floor. However, you can avoid this rule if you do not intend to place any furniture by the window.

Ventilation: No matter how big your room is, you should always consider placing a lot of windows for ventilation. You can add the windows according to the wind direction of the room. If you have south-facing windows, installing another window facing the Western direction will be practical. It will eliminate the heat of the room and keep it insulated even in summers.

Consider these points while adding windows during your house renovation in Sevenoaks. You can get proper assistance from a professional source like Global Building Services. We have maintained a steady reputation for more than two decades. Our qualified team can collaborate with you on the proper placement of windows. Visit our website for a free quote.

Renovating Your Home? Remain Stress-Free With These Tips

home carpentry

Renovating your house is a vital task that can make you go through a lot of stress. This happens because you have to remain involved in a lot of work. To reduce the worries, you have to coordinate well with your family members and contractors.

Remain Prepared:

A great way of remaining free from stress would be to remain prepared. Perform some vital tasks before the actual works begin. Following this will keep you sorted and eliminate some stress.
How to Remain Stress-Free During House Renovation?

We discuss some useful tips to remain free from stress during house renovations in Sevenoaks. These will help you experience a smooth home renovation and keep yourself prepared.

• Fix A Budget First: The renovation work of a house has different recurring costs. For this, you should fix a budget first. You can keep an eye on the cash flow while the work is on. Always keep some space for some extra costs. Creating a budget will keep you free from monetary worries.

• Research the Contractor: Knowing the vital details of your contractor is vital. Check the reviews from a trusted online platform and talk to previous clients to get a better idea. Finding a well known professional for the job will remove the stress for timely completion.

• Clean Your Home: Uninterrupted renovation work can undergo in a space that has fewer obstacles. Relocate the furniture of your interiors to a separate storage space. You can also remove the interior decorations like curtains, artworks and installations. This will enhance faster renovation works. You can prevent the chances of damage to the furniture and other interior decorations.

• Know the Work Schedule: Renovation works generally take a lot of time, which can interrupt your daily routine. There may be days when the house will be without power or water supply. Discuss the issues with the workers before the renovation starts. Effective communication can help you remain prepared, and you can take alternative measures.

• Talk to Your Family: The renovation of your house involves your family too. So it is important to have a conversation with them before the work starts. By communication, you can confirm the schedule for beginning the house renovation. After confirmation, you can talk with your contractors.

You can take the help of Global Building Services for assistance with house renovations in Sevenoaks. They have a team of professional workers who can make the work easier. Get an expert touch in renovating and extending your bathroom, kitchen and interiors.

Get A Customised Bathroom With Professional Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation

The bathroom is an integral part of every property. Most people spend a long time in their bathroom every morning. An easy way to make it aesthetically pleasing is by upgrading it. An updated bathroom can enhance the value of the entire property. Professional bathroom installation can enhance the appeal and functionality of the space drastically.

Don’t think upgrading the bathroom will punch a hole in his pocket. You can enjoy better ROI through those small installations as well. Your bathroom fitters will help you choose appliances that are easy to clean, affordable and available in various colours. If you want to hire someone skilled and customise the space, get in touch with those at Global Building Services. All of them are experienced and specialises in bathroom installation.

Bathroom Installation

Few Benefits Of Customised Bathroom Installation

• Choose The Theme Of Your Bathroom

If you plan to decorate your bathroom, the first thing you should consider is its theme. It doesn’t need to be classy and bold; you can even choose a dramatic, elegant or any theme that pleases you. Instead of choosing any fixtures, choose something which fulfils the desired aesthetics. Hire an experienced bathroom fitter and they will share endless possibilities to customise your bathroom. Not only will you get a calm room but one that can enhance your thinking capability.

• Go For Modern Trends

Bathroom trends are continuously changing. If you want to create a luxurious space, it is advisable to choose modern fixtures, bathroom styles, faucet placement, basin variations and bathtub finishes. Get in touch with experienced bathroom fitters if you want to upgrade the space with different cut-style basins and modern-day faucets without punching a hole in your pocket. You can attain the look you want and please every guest visiting your home.

• Enhance Your Property’s Value

If you want to make the most of bathroom installation in Tunbridge Wells, choose an experienced company offering the service and enhance your property’s value. Like new flooring can help you quote a higher price when selling your home, bathroom installation can also serve the same purpose. Upgrade the space with modern-day trends and your property will become more appealing to potential sellers. The best time to upgrade the bathroom is when you are renovating your home.

Since there are so many benefits of customising your bathroom installation, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced bathroom fitters at Global Building Services.

Why Should You Invest in Bathroom Installation?

Bathroom Installation Tonbridge

Installation of a new bathroom can improve the value of your entire property to a great extent. A bathroom is not only a place where you shower or refresh yourself. It can be the pride of a homeowner when installed correctly with stylish accessories according to a good interior decoration plan. If you are not happy with the current design and style of your bathroom, you can always hire experts for the bathroom remodelling. This can add more value to your home and make it more functional and alluring than before.

If you still do not think that investing in a bathroom installation or remodelling is a wise idea, this blog might help you with some reasons for this.

bathroom installation service in Tonbridge

4 Reasons to Install a New Bathroom

Your Needs Are Changed

People have different lifestyles at different stages of their lives. The things that were essential for your family ten years before may not seem vital for you in 2021. It is important to give your home transformations according to the changes you have made in your lifestyle. The bathroom is not an exception, and you should consider installing a new one with the latest features and accessories to make it more functional according to your current lifestyle.

Add Value to the Property

A home with a smart and stylish bathroom can easily grab the attention of potential buyers. When you have a bathroom with modern features and alluring accessories, you can create a desirable ambiance for yourself while using the shower or having a hot bath in the tub. These features will definitely improve the aesthetical as well as the functional value of your home.

Increase Safety

A bathroom remodelling project should also have some safety plans to make that entire area safer and more efficient for users. A bathroom that can be accessed and used safely can be a great asset to the entire home. Hence, you should talk to your bathroom installation specialist in Tonbridge about the possible options to add safety features to this place. They can tell you about accessories and the right way of adding them to make the bathroom safer than before.

Repair the Damage

When you plan to sell your house, you must repair all the damage to get a good price in the market for your property. A bathroom with broken tiles, a blocked shower or a damaged bath tub cannot give you the desired price in the market. You must consider bathroom remodelling to repair all these damages.

Global Building Services is an expert in bathroom installation. We can help you with this project from scratch. Please get in touch with us for more options.

3 Reasons To Hire Professionals for Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation Tonbridge

Planning to renovate your home or build a new one? You have to consider numerous factors; one of them is bathroom installation. The type of sanitaryware you are installing and the professional you have hired for bathroom installation will impact the appeal and durability of the space. The services offered by a bathroom installer are very important.

Though there are numerous videos online to help you deal with minor bathroom installation tasks, hiring someone experienced is highly advisable. They will let you choose from numerous types of installation services and build a bathroom that you can use for years with minimal maintenance. You can save a lot of money, time and effort by hiring the right professional for bathroom installation.

Need Bathroom Installation In Tonbridge? Few Benefits Of Hiring Professionals

• Has The Necessary Tools And Materials

Bathroom installation is not as easy as it looks, and this is why you need advanced tools and materials to build one. Though the online videos can guide you to do the minor installation tasks yourself with the right tools, you will have to spend a lot of money as you have to buy products from the local stores. On the other hand, professional installers carry their own tools and materials and know which one will suit your project the best.

• Save Time

There are a few instances when homeowners decide to do the bathroom installation tasks themselves without taking the aid of professionals just to save some money and the result is quite dangerous. The time and effort you will require to install a bathroom appliance are what the professional takes to install ten such appliances. Completing the installation tasks within the shortest time is a must if you want to resume your daily life.

• They Are Certified

Almost every professional offering bathroom installation in Tonbridge is certified, meaning they had learned the work before they got the license. Even if it is a simple installation task, they know how to do it efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to the plumbing system. These professionals are aware of the fact that your time is precious and can install pipes within the shortest period.

Since there are so many benefits of hiring professionals for bathroom installation, it’s time you get in touch with those at Global Building Tonbridge. They have a team of professional building contractors who specialise in offering premium-quality bathroom installation services.

4 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Installation and How to Avoid Them

kitchen installation

Some kitchens are comfortable and efficient to use, and some are not. The selection of the wrong kitchen layout or design has nothing to do with the aesthetic appeal of this space. Many a time, a gorgeous kitchen can have the wrong layout.

Suppose you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or need to get a fresh kitchen layout for your new home. In that case, you should be aware of some common common mistakes of kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells.

Costly Mistakes of Kitchen Installation

Ignoring Your Work Triangle

Every kitchen must have the Work Triangle to ensure the comfort and safety of kitchen users. If you do not respect this concept of creating a smart Kitchen Work Triangle while designing the layout, you will end up creating a space that might look beautiful but not useful or efficient enough. Maintain the standard position of the sink, worktop and refrigerator while planning the kitchen layout in your new home.

Neglecting Small Details

If you think that the handle of your kitchen drawers or the splash back’s size is very nominal things to pay attention to, you are making mistakes. Skipping the hardware of your kitchen cabinet or ignoring the surface of the worktop can create problems later. Never neglect small details while designing your kitchen layout.

Not Envisioning the Kitchen with Multiple Cooks

There are times when multiple people can use the kitchen at the same time. There can be more than one cook working on the stove at the same time too. You should have a clear vision about this while imagining your kitchen after installation. Not envisioning the same can create a major space issue in future.

Considering Upper Cabinetry as a Mandatory One

If you think that your kitchen layout cannot be completed without installing upper cabinetries, you are missing something. A professional and experienced kitchen installer can help you to find the right place in the kitchen to install cabinets. In most of the houses, these upper cabinetries seem difficult to reach for people of average height. Professionals know how to utilise the lower parts of the kitchen to create enough storage space for you.

These mistakes are common, and most households have them. There are several ways of avoiding them. A qualified, experienced and reliable kitchen installer can help you understand how easily you can avoid these installation mistakes and create a functional, smart, alluring and efficient kitchen layout.

Please visit the website of Global Building Tonbridge to get more details about kitchen installation services in and around Tunbridge Wells.

3 Tips To Make Kitchen Cabinet Installation Easy

kitchen installation

Undertaking a kitchen redesigning project before putting your property on the market is always a wise decision. Instead of trying a DIY, get in touch with experienced kitchen installers as they know how to complete complicated kitchen installation projects. They will also consider your installation needs before choosing a suitable place to install the cabinets.

One of the primary reasons homeowners in Tunbridge Wells prefer hanging cabinets is that they are easy to install. Otherwise, you have to scope out the room to ensure that the cabinets have fitted well in your kitchen. The room might be square, plumb or level and experienced installers know how to ease the kitchen cabinet installation process.

Need Kitchen Cabinet Installation? Few Tips To Ease The Process

• Start From The Corners

It is the responsibility of the kitchen installers to ensure that everything fits and aligns properly. They first mark the base cabinet locations on the wall, lay out the sink cabinets or start from the corners. They make space adjustments using filler strips in the middle of the run. If there are some irregularities or out-of-plumb conditions, they adjust the base cabinets’ location. They try to place the cabinets in such a way so that their back is against the long wall. The objective is to align the wall cabinets with the base cabinets.

• Measure From Top Down For Top Cabinets

Kitchen installers use the full-height panel and the tall cabinet to determine the height of the wall cabinets. They prefer measuring the top cabinets from the highest spot on the floor. The two lines establish the bottom and top of the wall cabinets. Irrespective of the type of cabinet you are measuring, make sure it is accurate. You can design your dream kitchen from scratch or revamp the existing one with proper measurements.

• Avoid Drywall Repairs

If you are using the same kitchen for years, you have to deal with damaged ceilings and walls. The interiors in some kitchens are covered with gypsum wallboard, known as drywall. Over time, you have to repair or replace them. It is advisable to minimise drywall repairs and look for professionals offering kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells. They will give your existing kitchen a fresh and fabulous look. The objective is to get the right place for your family’s culinary needs.

If you want to make kitchen cabinet installation in Tunbridge Wells easy, follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the experts at Global Building Services.

To know more visit: https://globalbuildingtonbridge.co.uk/kitchen-installation-tunbridge-wells/

Smart Renovation Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger

Bathroom Installation

People dream of a big and spacious bathroom in their house. But because of property restrictions, the bathroom is often made small. If you wonder how to make your small bathroom appear big, here are some practical and aesthetic ideas to consider. It combines careful colour schemes, fixtures and patterns. It is advisable to consult professionals for bathroom installation in Tonbridge for stylish renovation work.

In this blog, we will discuss some small bathroom ideas that are creative as well as functional. These space-enhancing elements, when embedded, will make your bathroom look large. It also proves how bold designs and installation can be done right even in the tiniest rooms.

Bathroom Installation Tonbridge

Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Renovation

1. Install large mirrors

Mirrors add to the illusion of space. It reflects more light, and if your bathroom already has a mirror, you can consider a bigger size. Mirrors on the wall is an excellent designing feature. You can install a wide-angled mirror or a single tall piece with frames. Try a dark-framed mirror to snatch people’s attention. You can also opt for wall-to-wall mirrors for reflections to intensify the overall bathroom brightness.

2. Double down with dark shades

Often, giving small bathrooms a dark colour shade adds depth and create the illusion of space. You can opt for high gloss colours for the right hue that imparts a big night sky effect. Additionally, the light will bounce off the surface and lighten up the area.

3. Swap angles with curves

The key to a big, successful bathroom is to ensure visual balance. You can achieve this by selecting the correct colour schemes and installing the correct bathroom fixtures etc. The floor and wall tiles and patterns also matter. If the floor is tight, you can manage space by eliminating the corners and including curves. Go for rounded edges on the showers, furniture, cabinets, bath to add a visual flow to the bathroom during renovation work.

4. Glass Shower Door

If you are starting renovation work for your small bathroom, you can consider scrapping the curtains. The expert suggests glass doors for small baths. Frameless glass screens fake the appearance of a square footage area. A clean shower frame reflects light and opens up more space. This creates a cohesive look for the bathroom, and you can amplify it with warm brass fixtures, accessories and fittings.

5. Invest in good lighting

Your small bathroom should match with the décor and appear brighter. The expert builders highlight the importance of excellent bathroom lightings. You can increase options for natural lighting through windows or skylights. Some other options to consider are as follows-

  • Repair the broken curtains and blinds for smooth opening and closing.
  • Replace the clear glass windows with frosted or textured privacy glass.
  • Clean the windows with water and soft brushes, so it does not impede the natural lighting.

At Global Building Services Limited, you can avail services from bathroom installation specialists. Enjoy premium-quality bathroom renovation work for a beautiful appearance.

How Can New Kitchen Installation Improve Your Property Value?

kitchen installation

The kitchen and bathroom are two imperative parts of every house. Old, shabby and inefficient kitchen and bathroom will be considered as a drawback of your property. On the other hand, the new and improved kitchen can increase the value of your house in the market. Hence, the importance of kitchen installation in Tunbridge Wells cannot be ignored.

When you meet the experts of house renovation and kitchen remodelling, you can understand how a little transformation can have a big impact on the entire house’s appearance.

4 Ways Kitchen Installation Can Increase Property Value

• Get a Fresh Look

The kitchen is one of those areas of your house that withstand a lot of wear and tear. Grime, stains, grease and dirt are most common in kitchens. These elements have a severe impact on floor tiles, kitchen tops, cabinets and other areas. Hence, you should consider changing them to get a fresh new look for your kitchen. This new look will increase the aesthetical value of your home.

• Obtain Better Storage

Experts of kitchen remodelling and installation always improve the storage system of the existing kitchen. They design and install more practical and organised kitchen cabinets for better storage. This would make your kitchen routine easy and hassle-free. A smart kitchen with modern cabinets can easily increase the value of your home.

• Enjoy a Bespoke Style

From installing the kitchen island to the kitchen lights – everywhere you can have bespoke styles because of new kitchen installation. The experts will follow your requirements and desires while styling and designing a new kitchen. They offer you a bespoke style that will match your needs and lifestyle.

• Practical Use of Space

Not every family have a similar kitchen and cooking routine. It depends upon their lifestyle. Hence, space management while designing a kitchen should depend on this. Modern kitchen installation experts understand the practical use of space. If you do not need a kitchen island, they would not go for it and save that space to give you enough space for walking and standing in your kitchen.

If you want to sell your home, you should consider remodelling your old kitchen and give it a brand new look. This would definitely increase the value of your house. Your potential buyers would love to get a kitchen with smart lighting, modern cabinets and excellent flooring solutions.

Global Building Tonbridge can help you in this matter. We have vast experience in offering all kinds of home improvement and general building services. Please get in touch with us for more information.